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Emily Brook




Fu*ked Up in Dubai! 

One determined Welsh mother’s real-life nightmare – a memoir about love, sex, drugs and life in a Dubai jail






Congratulations! Your book’s available to buy on the Amazon bookstore. How did you feel to see it there for the first time?

I was very overwhelmed.  Finding the strength to relive the whole story and to write the words down was harder than I ever imagined. To have watched my words grow from an embryonic stage to what it is now, well, it has been very cathartic. I am very happy and proud.



Can you tell us about your book and why you wanted to write it?

This book is a precious and private story to me. It is an explosive real-life story that must be read to be believed. It was a battle to save my life, whilst I was embroiled in a crazy rollercoaster of a legal case, living in unimaginable living conditions, with an unshakable determination to be reunited with my family and daughter at all costs. This is a story that needed to be shared internationally in the hope that it will help someone to avoid the same mistakes that I made whilst also making you laugh a little.



Have you always been a writer / wanted to become an author?

I have always loved English as a subject and what magic words can create. With a wild imagination and a love of my dream world it is my escapism. Now, I know anything is possible with a little self-belief and hard work. I look forward to the words that will flow from this new author.



What made you take that leap and publish your book?

Over the years, those that I have trusted my story with have all encouraged me to write a book. They have all found it hard to believe and told me that my story needs to be told. Secondly, many years ago whilst on our first cruise in the Mediterranean, a spiritualist doctor approached me and on our first meeting advised me without knowing me or anything about me that I must write the words down and share my story now, in this life, otherwise I will repeat it in my next life until I do what I have been tasked to do on this spiritual level. Now this freaked me out as he encouraged me to continue (I had already started writing my tale) and that my words were important.

Thirdly, I had previously had a reading from Angela Orora of Cariad Spiritual and at the first meeting she told me I had 3 years to write my book. Last year, I had another reading with her where she questioned me about why I was not listening to my guides and how individual family members who had passed were urging me to get my story published. The statements she made were so accurate as to how those members spoke was astonishing. I have been having signs, so to speak, whereby words will appear out of nowhere, mostly when I am relaxing in the bath. When I search these foreign words, they have a definition in Latin. I am now being guided and I am listening and open to my visions and the words I hear subconsciously. Angela told me to get in touch with Michelle Emerson and thanks to her advice and guidance my book is now finished. Bonkers, I know.


 Have you any more in the pipeline?

Yes, most definitely.  I am writing my second one currently and am very excited as it consists of some very funny international stories.  I have so many ideas for different projects, and I am very excited to see where my path and future writing career leads.



What advice would you offer other aspiring authors who are thinking of self-publishing? 

Just do it. Don’t procrastinate and get someone behind you like Michelle Emerson because you can do it and have your work published.  Believe!







All the best with your book. It’s been a real pleasure working with you and seeing your fantastic book come to life.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts (and your book) with us!






 Born and bred in a South Wales mining valley, with a close-knit and loving family, happy-go-lucky Emily Brook thrived academically and built a successful career lecturing and teaching all over the world.

Back home in Wales and still reeling from a traumatic and failed relationship, she secured a job in the Middle East. Living as a single mother in Qatar amongst a community of her co-workers started out wonderful. New friends, plenty of sunshine, a well-paid job that she loved… and a new romance with a Muslim Qatari.

But then life dealt her a cruel blow and she found herself incarcerated in a Dubai jail.


Follow her explosive real-life story as she faces the battle of her life, a rollercoaster legal case, dire living conditions, and an unshakeable determination to be reunited with her family and daughter at all costs.




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