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Angela Orora Medway-Smith

The Book of Many Colours: Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose With the Divine Rays

The Book of Many Colours_Angela Medway-Smith

Congratulations, Angela! Your book’s available to buy on the Amazon bookstore. How did you feel to see it there for the first time?

Words failed me! (and that doesn’t happen often!). By the time I’d come to, my daughter had already ordered a copy on Prime!



Can you tell us about your book and why you wanted to write it?

Actually, it wasn’t my idea! I’m a spiritual channel and am patronized by the Ascended Master St Germain. I was given the title and instructions on what to do along a two-year journey!

The Book of Many Colours is a little practical handbook. A jumping-off point of discovery and the beginning of a relationship with some of the most highly evolved beings in our Universe.

It’s about the Divine Rays, the vibrational energies that radiate down to our planet from the Creator for the purpose of supporting ‘All That There Is’.

Each has a distinct colour frequency, a Patron (from the Ascended Master and Angelic Collectives), a symbol or shape, aligning crystal energy and flame (its active principle).

Up until 2012, there were only 7 Divine Rays available to mankind, this has changed to 28 and the Collectives want people to know about them. They want us to connect with them, to support us, bring us knowledge, share their wisdom. To help our souls to grow and align with our life purpose.

So, they’ve channelled messages and Affirmations and have given a huge amount of information about the Divine Rays to support us.

It’s aimed at EVERYONE even if you haven’t meditated before or heard about these amazing beings and vibrations. I’ve created free downloads, Oracle Cards and other tools to help.

It’s easy to follow but has the potential to transform your life!


Wow, thank you. It’s fascinating – you know how much I learnt from working on this. Have you always been a writer / wanted to become an author?

No… I loved writing as a child and wrote practical pieces as part of my previous work in the corporate and charity field. I’m a really practical person and found this book quite straightforward. I take my hat off to authors of fiction!



I agree! What made you take that leap and publish your book?

St Germain was very keen that it was published in November – I’ve learned not to argue!


Good idea! Have you any more book plans in the pipeline?

I am co-authoring TWO books in Best Selling Series! “25 Tools for Goddesses” part of The Wellness Universe Complete Guide to Self-Care (available December 2021) and “Awaken Your Inner Truth” part of the Journey of Riches Series (available May 2022).

I’ve also been given another book project by St Germain that I’ll start work on in the new year (he wants this published in August 2022!).



That’s fantastic, well done. What advice would you offer other aspiring authors who are thinking of self-publishing? 

Your words can change people’s lives. YOU have the power to inspire others to live their best life, to change, transform and be the best versions of themselves. To create that Aha.. or lightbulb moment that will stay will them for a lifetime. Go for it!

I finished the manuscript months ago and then procrastinated about publishing. Michelle, you have made this transition seamless! Thank you, cariad!




You’re welcome, Angela. You’ve been wonderful to work with too. All the best with your book!





You can buy a copy of The Book of Many Colours here:




What if you knew how to tap into unlimited support to help you to be more intuitive, more creative, to receive healing, motivation, unconditional love or nurturing energy, to create your own miracles and align with your soul’s path?


Imagine finding the keys to this and much more! Imagine knowing what vibration can support YOU on your personal soul’s path! Imagine how you can transform your reality connecting to different Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angelic Collectives! It’s not rocket science.


This little practical handbook offers the keys to connect to the 28 Divine Rays that flood our planet, unlocks the support of their powerful Patrons and contains ancient teachings brought up-to-date and presented in an accessible way for the 21st Century. Packed full of simple, easy to follow guidance for everyone, from novice to practiced spiritual seeker, The Book of Many Colours can lead you on a journey of discovery of both self and the vibrational energies that support ‘All That There Is’.


It covers everything from spiritual protection, managing your energy, top tips for those new to meditation, information on the Divine Rays and their Patrons to Ascension Numerology and your Destiny Ray, details of their sacred symbols, colours, crystals and esoteric fires. There are channelled messages and affirmations from the Patrons of the Rays. Hear from St Germain, Mary Magdalene, Archangel Michael, Merlin, Isis, Moses, Archangel Raphael, The Cherubim and many, many more.


The Book of Many Colours is a jumping-off point of discovery and can be the beginning of your relationship with some of the most highly evolved beings in our Universe.


They want us to connect with them, to support us, bring us knowledge, share their wisdom. You have been drawn to this book for a reason. Are you ready?


***Contains links to FREE downloadable meditation and journal***






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