Indie Author Spotlight: Neil Jones, Author of Adventures With My Sea Pass Card


I thoroughly enjoyed helping bring Neil’s book to life. 

He first contacted me in September 2019 and asked me to proofread/edit his book.

Once this was complete, he was so happy with the results and my encouragement that it was a genuinely entertaining, insightful and valuable read, that he quickly decided he’d like to self-publish.

And this is the result. A 5* read!


What is the magic of cruising?

Why does it attract nearly 30 million people every year?

This unofficial guide explores the magic of cruising on one of the world’s largest cruise lines through the eyes of a loyal Royal Caribbean passenger. The hilarious highs and lows of memorable onboard adventures cruising around the globe.

This is more than just a travel audiobook. It’s a love letter to the romance of cruising. A wry look at the antics onboard the world’s biggest cruise lines.

If cruising is in your blood this is a must-listen.

Not only does this audiobook champion the cruise vacation but it lifts the lid on common onboard frustrations and pulls no punches on the future of the cruise industry.

Packed full of laugh out loud anecdotes this look at 21st Century cruising will resonate with everyone who’s ever stepped aboard a Royal Caribbean ship.

From the excitement of the sailaway parties to trivia in the Schooner Bar to reckless gambling in Casino Royale – it is jam packed with as much fun as a daily Cruise Compass.

  • Find out what the number one question is that passengers ask the crew.

  • Learn how to maximize your onboard spend.

  • Discover a breakthrough in preventing sun loungers being reserved but not used.

  • Solve the conundrum of how to win a highlighter pen at the morning trivia quiz.

Adventures With My Sea Pass Card is a celebration of unforgettable adventures with Royal Caribbean. It’s why millions of Royal Caribbean guests get withdrawal symptoms as soon as they step off the gang plank. It’s why they come back next year.

It’s the magic of cruising.


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