… and give it the priority it needs.



#1: Change Your Mindset


If you’re not prioritising the writing (or finishing) of your biz book because you think the money-making side of your business is more important, then herein lies the problem.


Start thinking about the positive aspects of finishing your book instead:

  • it’s going to contribute to your passive income stream
  • it’s going to be an exciting journey that could transform your business
  • it’s going to help you reach out to a whole new crew
  • it’s going to enable you to share your powerful, transformational, inspirational message with the world and once it’s written, it’s there for infinity.



#2 Write Little & Often


Write little and often – even if you can just fit in 500 words a day, write 500 words a day.  One of my Facebook followers has just told me that he’s weighing in at 94,000 words in his fantasy novel now and that was with a 500 words a day target.  So there you go.


500 words a day is 3,500 words a week, or 14,000 words a month… it all mounts up. And the more you flex that writing muscle, the quicker and easier writing becomes and the less likely that you’ll need a tin of WD-40 on your desk to get rid of your rust.



#3: Track Your Time


If you really want to see how you’re spending your time and what on, start tracking your time.  You’ll be amazed at how much you waste by zoning out on second rate reality shows or nebbing around on Facebook (which only gets you mad, anyway).  This time can be transformed into golden pockets of writing time. J


#4: Take a Week Off Work


Yes, really!  If you are serious about getting that first draft finished and the little and often approach isn’t working for you (you’re impatient, I like that), then scale back on your commitments for one complete week.  Spend as much of that time writing and be mindful that this is dedicated writing time, not time to faff and fart about cleaning the oven and stuff.  Look on it as a swotting week, like when you were revising for exams at school/uni. Binge Writing is Fantastic!



#5: Book Dates with Yourself


Create writing appointments in your diary – and do not let anyone steal them from you.  Block out 90 minute to 3 hour slots during your day as regularly as possible until your first draft’s created.  Without deadlines, nothing has priority. Allocate yourself time to write your book and it will get written.



Remember, writing your book is a temporary investment of your time right now but it’s something that is there forever; potentially bringing you a steady income, and shining your light on a constant basis.

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Michelle x

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