(That you don’t even want to know…)

But someone has to tell you the cold, hard facts about writing your biz book, so here goes…


1  You’re never going to finish writing your book! 


What with procrastination, overwhelm and frankly, more important things to focus on in your business, you’re never going to finish writing your book.


  • you carve out time in your diary every day, week and month and NEVER cry off
  • or you clear your diary for a couple of weeks and get the entire first draft written
  • or you find an accountability buddy with a great excuses detector.


2 You’re going to get stuck!

It’s inevitable, particularly if you expect to just pick up your pen and start writing.


  • you invest time on research first
  • or you know how to deal with writers’ block
  • or you know precisely who you’re writing for.

3  You’re going to take the long way round!

And this isn’t necessarily a reflection of your writing skills. Rather it’s because you haven’t learnt any shortcuts to make your book writing easier and quicker. So you’ll have to be determined to stick with the long route round.  


  • you learn how to break down each paragraph and chapter 
  • or you come up with a fool-proof, step-by-step book blueprint 
  • or you discover how to set deadlines and targets.


4  You’re going to hate your book when you reach halfway point!

And you’ll feel like pulling your hair out and slamming doors and swearing… all because of a little business book.


  • you dig in and realise that this is a natural step in the creation process
  • you have someone to talk to or help you get unstuck
  • you understand this sticking point is to do with your mindset and all kinds of wobbles are coming up.

5  You’re going to doubt your book is even worth reading!

 And you’ll rue the day you started on the stupid idea!


  • you believe in yourself and have a vision for your book
  • you know there’s a gap in the market for your book
  • you realise you’re writing the book you wished someone had written for you when you first started out.



If you’re writing your book or just trying to write your book at the moment, never give up. Remember, if writing a book was easy, EVERYONE WOULD BE AN AUTHOR!


Don’t be one of those ‘talkers’ be a ‘do-er’. There’s nothing like seeing your book on the Amazon store.


If this is the year you’ll write your biz book (no excuses) then there are 3 ways I can help you get started right now.




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