Congratulations to All My Talented Authors



I’ve been lucky enough to work with some fabulous authors this year, and want to thank them for trusting me to bring their books to life.


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Trevor Rai – Try Walking in My Shoes: How to Deal with Death the Indian Way 



This is the second book I’ve worked on with Trevor and this, again, is a very poignant and entertaining read.


“Following the loss of my father, I was crowned head of the family. Now I understand why I was given a turban – it was to stop my head from exploding!”

When the British Indian author’s father died suddenly, he was as unprepared as everyone else in his family. He and his father had spoken about death many times – it was never a taboo subject between them – but in reality, it sparked an experience so profound he felt compelled to share it.

In this moving, funny, and emotional account of how to deal with death the Indian way, the author, who has a disability, holds nothing back. From the arrangements at home in the UK – the death announcement formalities, the washing of the deceased’s body, the endless visitors, the outpouring of grief, and the organising of the cremation – to the family-packed trip to Mother India for a final funeral, there is so much to discover about the traditions, expectations of an Indian bereavement and the flood of old forgotten memories that still ripple into the future.

Just as with his previous 5* book, Try Walking in My Shoes: An Unusual How-to Guide to Dating and Arranged Marriage, the author draws on his acute observation skills, wry sense of humour and pragmatic, down-to-earth way of telling it like it is to present a real picture of how the Indian culture deal with death. A real eye-opener of a book for anyone and everyone dealing with death, grief and bereavement – Indian or otherwise.


Find out more: How to Deal With Death the Indian Way



Emily Brook – Fu*ked Up in Dubai! One determined Welsh mother’s real-life nightmare – a memoir about love, sex, drugs and life in a Dubai jail 



Born and bred in a South Wales mining valley with a close-knit and loving family, happy-go-lucky Emily Brook thrived academically and built a successful career lecturing and teaching all over the world. Back home in Wales and still reeling from a traumatic and failed relationship, she secured a job in the Middle East. Living as a single mother in Qatar amongst a community of her co-workers started out wonderful. New friends, plenty of sunshine, a well-paid job that she loved… and a new romance with a Muslim Qatari.

But then life dealt her a cruel blow and she found herself incarcerated in a Dubai jail.

Follow her explosive real-life story as she faces the battle of her life, a rollercoaster legal case, dire living conditions, and an unshakeable determination to be reunited with her family and daughter at all costs.


Find out more: Fu*ked Up in Dubai! 



Julie Evans – The Poison Promise – Cornish Crime Series Book 4


Following Julie’s incredible success with this captivating series, I was delighted (again!) to work on this book. And it is just as riveting as the other three Cornish Crime mysteries – check out all her 5* reviews.

 Who is Pinkie Floyd?

Philippa Floyd (Pinkie to her friends) joins the country club for one reason only, Judge Carlisle is a member, and she intends to kill him. What’s more, she has something very special in mind to do it with; the rosary pea. Beloved of poisoners since ancient times, the plant can always be relied on to do the job.

To her friends in the gardening club, she is just another green-fingered retiree who has chosen Cornwall as a place to put down roots, but Pinkie is so much more.

A seasoned professional, she always picks her targets carefully and never mixes work with pleasure. When she breaks this cardinal rule, she pays the price. With the police on her tail and an old flame in the wings pushing her buttons, she is forced to abandon her retirement for something altogether riskier.

They say one man’s meat is another man’s poison but has Pinkie bitten off more than she can chew this time?


Find out more: The Poison Promise



Angela Medway-Smith – The Book of Many Flames

The Book of Many Flames_Angela Orora Medway-Smith



Interested in energy healing? This book is for you!

Providing information and tools to enhance the work of even the most experienced energy healer; powerful esoteric energies, the Sacred Flames that bring focused, specific, high vibrational healing energy to our planet. It also contains a practical introduction and guidance for a complete beginner to the world of energy healing. Covering everything from spiritual protection to The Threefold Flame for personal and Planetary Ascension, this is the book that every energy healer has been waiting for!

This practical handbook builds on the foundation of The Book of Many Colours: Awaken Your Soul’s Purpose With The Divine Rays which introduces the novice and practised spiritual seeker to the 28 Divine Rays that flood our planet, their powerful Patrons and ancient teachings. Hear from the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Angelic Collectives that guard and guide the Sacred Flames and learn how to channel their energy for the self, others and for the benefit of All that there is. There are channellings from St Germain, Kuthumi, Mother Mary, Archangel Raphael, Lady Nada (Mary Magdalene), the Merlin, Kwan Yin, Archangel Michael, Archangel Haniel, Archangel Gabriel, the Master Jesus and many, many more.

The Book of Many Flames is a platform for healing and discovery, offering the tools to access incredible healing energy and what can be the beginning of your relationship with some of the most highly evolved beings in our Universe.  “Power Awaits You!”   You have been drawn to this book for a reason.   Are you ready for the next step?


Find out more: The Book of Many Flames



Zenny Middleton – Health-Full: A Holistic Approach to Your Happiest & Healthiest Self 




 Are you ready to feel epically healthy, wonderfully abundant and harness a loving relationship with yourself?

Amazing! That, my love, is what health-full is all about.

When you start your health journey, it’s natural to do everything you feel you should be doing – drink green juice, meditate, become a gym bunny. I did all that too. But I quickly realised there was still something missing. Like you, I wanted to feel more than healthy. I wanted to feel health-full.

Full of energy, full of abundance and full of life!

This is what health-fullness is all about and I want to share it with you.

This book is an holistic approach that teaches you how to become health-full. You can read and action the 12 easy-to-follow lessons to unleash true health-fullness in all areas of your life. You’ll also discover the secrets to becoming the healthiest version of yourself – whilst upping your self-worth game at the same time.

Let’s enrich your mind, body and soul to become the happiest and healthiest version of yourself possible because you, gorgeous, deserve the life of your dreams. It’s time to shake off your limiting beliefs, heal the relationship you have with yourself and take love-driven inspired action to create the most amazing life possible.

A life full of passion, full of purpose and full of love. It’s time to get health-full!


Find out more: HEALTH-FULL 






Gwen Ekins: Some Kind of Luck | An Addictive Domestic Psychological Drama



When seven-year-old Tim sees his mother covered in blood after being beaten by his father, he flees his home and sleeps rough before stumbling into greater danger when he’s enticed away by a seemingly kind stranger.

Fast forward a few years, and despite being haunted by horrific childhood memories, Tim gets his life on track. He has a great job, a wonderful woman at his side, and he’s putting his past behind him. When a friend accuses Tim of a heinous act, and later, more vile accusations emerge, Tim is pushed to his limit, and his life spirals out of control as he realises that his dream of a happy, peaceful existence is doomed.

Will Tim manage to overcome his past and save his family when danger threatens everything he holds dear?


Find out more: Some Kind of Luck



DebS – The Day I Didn’t Kill Myself

This memoir charts the journey of an ordinary woman who suddenly finds herself consumed by depression and despair following the breakup of her 15-year marriage through to a state of “delightenment”.

She finds herself in a position she could never have imagined. Her whole future changes overnight. Not only has she lost her husband, but she lost her best friend, her future life companion and her home. She is broken and lost. Her depression renders her numb and feeling unlovable.

One day, driving home on autopilot from her parents’ house, a voice appears in her head, urging her to drive off the steep side of the mountain. In that split second, a ray of grace hits her soul as if life itself calls her…and she drives on.

Who is she now? How will she find the way back to wholeness? A long and rocky road back to healing and loving herself begins.

Along the way, she finds emotional links to previously forgotten traumatic episodes from childhood. Interspersed with pearls of poetry that emerged from the empty black hole of depression and acted as her voice to release the angst she couldn’t express, The Day I Didn’t Kill Myself is told with honesty and humour. It takes you into the heart of this courageous woman’s journey, tells of how she stepped into her power, fell in love with life all over again, and found her purpose of helping other women to do the same.

Written from the heart, the author shares her message with authenticity and inspiration. Her mission is to help others understand that going through a life-changing process doesn’t always mean the end of the world.


Find out more: The Day I Didn’t Kill Myself



Wayne Slater – Into the Wolf’s Mouth: 13 Ways to Kill a Magician

‘The safest place for a wolf pup is inside its mother’s mouth.’


Gee Valentine’s life is the pits.

Abandoned at birth and raised in a care home, he’s learnt how to survive the hard way. When he secretly escapes the care system, fate intervenes, and he’s befriended by the mysterious owner of a Blackpool magic shop who teaches him the art of sleight of hand magic. Fast forward a few months and the pair begin to trust each other. For the first time in his 15 years, Gee actually feels part of a family, and he meets the girl of his dreams.

But once again his happiness is snatched away. After a few violent scrapes with the local Pleasure Beach meatheads, Gee starts getting into trouble. And when he is entangled in the murder of five stage magicians, he flees Blackpool in the dead of night. He embarks on a journey of self-discovery to Italy in his 1967 VW Campervan. In an emotional search for his parents, he encounters friendship, betrayal, love and death.

  • Is everyone out to destroy him?
  • Is he a pawn in a revengeful game of Whodunnit?
  • Is he destined to always be a lone wolf?

In bocca al lupo… into the Wolf’s mouth. Magic … illusions … music … murder … 1960’s Blackpool … Italian connections …


Find out more: Into the Wolf’s Mouth



Mario Panayi – What Fruit Are You? A Poetry Collection

BOOK 11 by Mario Panayi

What does the fruit you enjoy eating say about you?

Are you devilish and a bit of a rogue?
Are you full of energy and zest?
Cheeky and naughty?
Are you angelic?
Do you bruise easily?
Do you have a heart of stone?
Are you totally nuts and bananas?
Are you sweet?
Or sour and acidic?
Perhaps you’re sexy!
Or merely slimy?
Are you Plastic Fantastic?
Or a shrivelled old prune?
Are you a gooseberry?
And most importantly,
Are you in vogue and current?

Fun, acute observations and a deliciously fruity take on life.



Find out more: What Fruit are you? 



A. D. Landor – An Angel Falling: A Noir Fantasy Thriller


The war between the Angels of Judgment and the Vampiric Succae – a race of honour-bound demons – was over.

Everyone was safe … for a while.


Azshael is an outcast lost in remorse and shunned for falling in love with the enemy. Unexpectedly tasked with investigating the death of a Succae elite on Angelic soil, it quickly becomes personal when he discovers her murder bears similarities to that of his dead lover.

Seeking answers, he joins forces with the Succae Serrate Lytta, an ancient war spirit bound in flesh, and the potent pair unearth a conspiracy which could destroy the long-standing truce and reignite the war between good and evil.

As a day of reckoning looms, Azshael will need all his wits to survive. But surviving is the one thing he’s always been good at.

He’s not the ‘dead angel walking’ his enemies think he is.

They picked him to fail, but they chose the wrong Angel…



Find out more: An Angel Falling



Jacqui Taylor – The Space Between: Breast Cancer and Finding Me

“For all the cancer rebels who have gone before me or are yet to come. Let us inspire each other to be courageous, to face the challenge head-on and commit to living this life.”

Nobody knows how they’ll react to the words, “I’m afraid you have breast cancer.” And Jacqui Taylor – a healthy, fit, busy mother, wife and thriving physiotherapist business owner – was no exception when she heard those words in July 2020. But two years on, she has reached her next destination and found herself; thanks to our wonderful NHS, her relentless determination and the love of family and friends.

The Space Between: breast cancer & finding me is Jacqui’s heartfelt, emotional and inspirational account of her Grade 2 Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer diagnosis, treatments, epiphanies, battle scars and ultimately, her journey of self-discovery.

Without reservation, Jacqui bravely shares the light and darkness of the intimate rollercoaster that became her life. She reveals how she navigated medical appointments and treatments during the COVID-19 pandemic and how she coped with that added extra layer of isolation when the world suddenly stopped. As well as insights into the emotional and physical obstacles cancer threw her way, Jacqui also provides a glimpse into the mental challenges she faced and how her diagnosis impacted every thread of her life.

Her mission now is to raise awareness of Lobular Breast Cancer, inspire others to be courageous, face the challenge head-on and commit to living their lives.

And while everyone’s breast cancer journey is personal and unique to them, if you’re currently battling cancer or supporting a loved one through this horrendous disease, let The Space Between be a source of inspiration.



Find out more: The Space Between



Reuben Miranda – A Malaysian Abroad: 10 Batshit Crazy Years in the UK Hospitality Industry 


Talk about a culture shock!

It’s 1998. The year that Google was founded, Viagra was approved by the FDA, France won the World Cup and Titanic won Best Picture at the 70th Academy Awards.

It’s also the year that 29-year-old Reuben Miranda bravely departed his (hot) home country of Malaysia with British wife ‘L’ to live and work in dear old (freezing cold) Blighty!

He has no idea how differently the British hospitality industry compares to his restaurant/hotel experiences in Singapore. Nor is he prepared for the colourful characters – the good, the bad, the lazy, AND the downright ugly – he meets during his regular 15-hour-plus shifts in busy hotels. Reuben’s work family sadly become his only family in Britain when his extra long hours at work take their toll on his personal life. But his upbeat personality, resilience, and solid work ethic keep him on the right side of happy … most of the time.

Join him as he copes with the wonderful British seasons, LOTS of drunk party guests, sensitive fire alarms, and surreal duty manager shenanigans. And discover the darker side of working in the hospitality industry – from the overworked and underpaid staff to cruel customers who have no idea how to treat those intent on serving them.

Be prepared for laughter, fun, mischief, maybe a few tears and plenty of OMG moments as you journey through A Malaysian Abroad.


Find out more: A Malaysian Abroad 



H A May – A Gift of Leaf: Chronicles of Leaf, Book 1

I’m no warrior!

I’m just Jinny Morai, just a foundling girl and slave, and I would give anything to be back with my family.

All I want is to escape my life of toil in the Holtanbore under the roots of the Great Tree and go home.

One minute I was trapped in the cold, filthy darkness of the Library caves in the black labyrinth. The next, in broad daylight, I’m the guardian of a baby dragon, being told that the future of Leaf (or its demise) is wholly my responsibility.

And now, apparently, as a Mage of the First degree, I have to learn to fight and fly, but as I’m scared of heights, who knows what will happen? And then I must find the other half of the magic Talisman to thwart the evil Necromancer’s designs while protecting my loyal, trusting dragon Sprout, who grows bigger by the day.

All this seems too much for an ordinary girl with a twisted leg, but I’m trying my best to block the menacing evil spirit from getting Sprout into his clutches to use him to destroy everything on Leaf.

Even though the thought scares me to death, do I say ‘yes’ to this quest?

Or will I walk a coward’s path and lay open all the folk of all the Trees of Leaf to his malevolence?


Find out more: A GIFT OF LEAF 



Captain Verne Pugiev – The Missing Plane: A Chilling Novel Based on the Real-Life Loss of Malaysia Airlines MH370 


The Missing Plane is a book of fiction based on all the known facts concerning the loss of Malaysia Airlines MH370, a Boeing 777 aircraft.

The book has been meticulously researched and written by Captain Verne Pugiev, one of the world’s most experienced Boeing 777 captains. The book is written in two timelines. We follow one timeline of a Boeing 777 Captain over the course of five years, as he does his own investigation, finding several clues as to what happened to the aircraft. He continues his quest until he becomes part of the official search. Some of the clues he finds are quite shocking.

Intricately interwoven with the Captain’s detective story are the events on the day that MZ70 (the fictional flight), went missing. This second timeline details gripping scenes from the doomed aircraft on the night of the flight, from the hours leading up to its take-off all the way until its inevitable return to earth. All the actions taken by the crew on board are technically possible.



Find out more: THE MISSING PLANE




Mario Panayi: Bitesize Series – Books 1-4 – A Poetry Collection


Birth. Baby. Boy. 
Bitesize Series Volume 1
A Poetry Collection

The joy of pregnancy, birth, those first few months, plus the not-so-joyous ones. Discovery, patience and the beauty of it all. Whether remembering those moments or about to start on a journey to parenthood, open this poetry collection and experience a unique look into some of the most precious, treasured and memorable moments in the start of one’s life.



Toddlers. Temper Tantrums. Teenagers.
Bitesize Series Volume 2
A Poetry Collection

The awkward years have begun. Oh yes. Those frowns, stomps and grunts. Storming out of a room. Yet amongst the angst of growing up there are good memories too. A unique glimpse into those very vocal years.



Fire and Ice
Bitesize Series Volume 3
A Poetry Collection

Amore has arrived. Hormones and testosterone entering those young bodies. All blending in with emotions, decisions, natural urges, glances and self-control.
Romance. Passion. Seduction.
Unadulterated flames within the soul and heart are unleashed.


Bitesize Series Volume 4
A Poetry Collection

This poetry collection mainly looks at the ups and downs of relationships. Romance going stale. Betrayals. Choices of lifestyle.
Pain and anguish are stirred to emotional boiling levels.
If placed in these circumstances would you know what your decision is?
Read on and discover that sometimes one choice of lifestyle or decision will corrode and affect others. How they will react you cannot control.
A unique look into turbulent lives with occasional humour to lighten such a heavy topic.



Find out more: The Bitesize Series




Congratulations, my talented authors! It’s been a pleasure working with you all. Thank you so much for letting me be part of your author journey.



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