Goodbye, 2019!

There’s nothing quite like the end of the month/year/decade to kickstart a spell of reflection, is there?

It’s not until I move out of the busy, busy work mode and enjoy some quality downtime over Christmas with my family that I can fully appreciate just how amazing my year has been here at ME HQ. Helping so many writers realise their author dreams is inspirational, motivating, and the reason why I love this business of mine so much.




So I’ve pushed the empty golden Ferrero Rocher wrappers to one side, decluttered the office and fired up the laptop to share a few of my success stories of 2019. 



I’ve slain (well proofread actually) millions of typos this year for authors, fellow authors, poets, copywriters, business owners and traditionally published writers. Proofreading really is my favourite thing. I know proofreading is the bain of many an author’s life but not me! Spending my days making fascinating stories, memoirs, poems, business books and courses even better than they are already is something I’m really grateful for. If someone had told me 7 years ago that setting up my own business and working with words all day long was going to be the making of me, I’d have laughed at their naivety and blushed at their faith in me. 🙂


Setting up my MotherBooker monthly membership group that teaches aspiring authors how to write, create, self-publish and sell their books has been another huge achievement for me (and something I’d put off for way too long). Enjoying the company of some truly fascinating, committed writers (and now friends) who have joined MotherBooker has been an exciting and wonderful part of the adventure too. Playing a small part in helping them realise their author dreams and build their very own publishing business/side hustle is rewarding and something I’m proud of.


I’ve also self-published a number of my own non-fiction books this year and by the end of 2019 I’ll have about 100 books for sale on Amazon. Many are low and no content books for which I receive a trickle of royalties each month. (I teach all the skills to do this in my MotherBooker group if you’d like to join us – just £15 per month.) Some are specifically written for indie authors, fellow writers and small business owners. And I’m on a mission to keep on creating more and more as 2020 progresses.

That’s the beauty of learning the skills to self-publish – the opportunities are limitless. You can create books with thousands of words in, turn your courses into books and workbooks, create low / no content books (ie lined journals and notebooks and prompt books) and start your very own author / publishing business.


I’ve also helped to bring many books to life this year – here is a sample:


MotheRing by Stephanie Upton – an absolutely lovely piece of historical fiction set in post-WW2, which delves deep into the nature/nurture debate about motherhood and bringing up children. I hope there’s more from this author, as I think she’s got an incredible talent.


Do You Recognise Yourself? by Mario Panayi – this is Mario’s third poetry book (I helped publish his first two in November 2018) and it does not fail to entertain or capture your imagination. We have another poetry book due for release in January too, so watch this space. Mario’s a true poet with a great sense of humour and a wonderful way with words. 


Freesun’s Rescue by Michael A Gaughan – this is Michael’s debut dystopian/sci-fi novel and it’s utterly compelling from the outset. Great storyline, intriguing characters and creativity beyond measure. Can’t wait to get my hands on books two and three!


Adventures With My Sea Pass Card: The Unofficial Guide to Cruising With RoyalCaribbean by Neil Jones – even if you’re not a regular cruiser, you’ll find so much to enjoy in this informative and at times hilarious (5* rated!) book. It was such a pleasure working with Neil and seeing this book come to life. I really hope there’s more to come, Neil!


Ostebiz Guide to Fearless Marketing by Gilly Woodhouse – I’ve known Gilly ‘virtually’ since around 2014/15 and so when we worked on her book idea in 2018 and brought it to life in 2019 I was so happy for her. She’s a lovely lady, a savvy businesswoman and I’m thrilled her book has enjoyed great success already, despite only launching a few weeks ago.


Chicken Town by J A Pollo – is an entertaining ‘Punk Rock Ambition Story’ that takes you right back to the beginning of the British Punk scene. Written by a fantastic author, it’s a tale that takes you effortlessly back through the decades, grips your imagination, tickles your funny bones and keeps you utterly compelled to read until the end. More please, J A Pollo!


Maybe by Eugene Francis-Williams – a dark thriller that will stay in your head long after finishing that last page. If you’re anything like me you’ll like your thrillers long, scary and unpredictable, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here! Not for the faint-hearted but a must-have for thriller addicts! Thanks for helping me bring your book to life, Eugene.


The One by Margot Swift – who doesn’t love a good, old British detective/romance story? Not only will you love the quirky, world-weary retired police officer, Cameron Grant, but you’ll also love the unconventional adventure he embarks on – despite wanting a quiet life. Life, love, friendship and family take on a whole new meaning in this heart-warming, emotive and memorable book. Perfect for a rainy day. Great working with you, Margot!


I Am Myself & Me: The Book of Adam by Adam Farley – without a doubt anyone who reads this book and learns of Adam’s incredible, difficult and empowering story will be moved. Revealing the darkest times of his life, his touching spiritual journey and his battle to overcome his demons, Adam’s book is truly remarkable. I hope you are continuing to grow, Adam, and thank you for trusting me to bring your book to life. Your story so deserves to be shared. See the reviews (Adam’s from the US) if you’re in any doubt how moving this book is.


If you’d like me to be part of your exciting book adventure then feel free to message me through the contact form. I’d love your book to be featured in my 2020 end of year round-up post!

Good luck with your writing.

Oh, and 2020, I hope you’re ready for us!



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