Is your blog being ignored?


Brainstorming, creating and tweaking your latest blog isn’t always easy.  Sometimes you’re stuck for ideas, or you’re working against the clock or you just can’t find the right words.  Then you spend ages looking for the perfect royalty-free image to embed into it.

And when you finally hit that PUBLISH button and enjoy your initial “Yay, I did it!” moment, no one takes a blind bit of notice.

It’s awful, isn’t it?


So what can you do to get more eyes on your blog? 


#1   Add your blog link to your email signature

Underneath your name, web address etc, add another line that goes something like this… Check out my latest blog post – it’s all about “Add In Your Title” and link to the post/page URL using a hyperlink.


#2   Add it to your business Facebook page

And don’t just add it once.  Share the link on your Facebook page 2 or 3 times at least (at different times of the day/week) and pique your readers’ interest by asking different questions that fit in with your blog.  Eg, Do you think blogging has past its sell-by date?  Check out my blog to see what I think.


#3   Add it to Facebook groups

If you’re in a few Facebook groups, some of them have specific days for sharing blog posts/promoting your biz.  Take this opportunity to add yours.  If the groups you’re in don’t have blog sharing days, ask the admin of the group page if you can share a link to your blog (if it’s relevant to the group then you’ll offering value anyway).


#4   Add it to Twitter

Tweet it and retweet it!  If it resonates with your followers, they’ll more than likely retweet it too.  As with Facebook, don’t just tweet once and if you have time use different images to promote it and see which ones work best.


#5  Add it to your newsletter

Use the first couple of paragraphs from your blog as the opening to your latest newsletter and add a <read more> link.


#6  Add it to your LinkedIn page

Tweak it slightly and add it as a new article on LinkedIn – share it with the public as well as your network. 


#7  Add share buttons to your blog

This way, those readers who love your blog will share it for you.  Check out the different plugins for your best options.


#8  Turn it into a Podcast

Because some people like to read blogs and others prefer to listen, extend your reach by making your blog available in both formats.


#9  Set up an RSS feed

If you have followers who love the kind of content you create, set up an RSS feed for them to subscribe to your blog.  I love the way copyblogger explains the techy side of this (it’s easy to understand, honestly).  Check it out here


#10  Change your social media cover pages to match your blog

Change your Facebook cover and your Twitter cover every time you have a new blog.  Embed the link into your cover, use an appropriate image, a tagline (or a question to intrigue your reader) and people will be more inclined to click through.


#11  Talk to your tribe about it

Particularly if you’ve created a ‘how to’ blog, your tribe/followers may have some burning questions, so why not do a Facebook live and boost your reach at the same time? This spreads the word about your blog and gives you a chance to shine as an expert.


#12  Add a link to your latest blog on your Home Page

Because your home page is the place people land on when visiting your website, why not grab their attention and add a link to your blog there?  Keep it simple, just a brief, <Have you checked out my latest blog all about x, y and z?> and add the link.


#13  Pay for your reach

Use Facebook’s boost post option or Twitter’s promote posts if you’re really keen to share your blog post far and wide.  Keep it to a daily budget so it doesn’t cost too much.


#14   Approach Influencers

If your blog is relevant to an industry, you could connect with a key influencer and ask them if they’d retweet/share it for you.  (Well, shy bairns get nowt, as they say in my neck of the woods.) And if your blog mentions them/their products you might just get the response you’re looking for.


#15   Add a SumoMe App

This allows you to add a floating <SHARE> icon to your blog and the more people who share it, the more likely it is to go viral. Check it out here


#16   Mention it in Forums

If you’re a forum member and your blog is relevant to other members, or someone asks a question about something you’ve specifically answered in your blog, share a link.


#17   Turn it into a video and pop it on YouTube

People connect with people and are much more likely to resonate with you and your blog if they can see and hear your message. This is a great relationship-building tool as well and helps you get double impact with one piece of content.


#18   Add it to bookmarking sites

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Happy Blogging!

Michelle x

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