Let’s Write Your Blurb

Let's Get You Unstuck and Write That Blurb

  If your blurb just doesn’t cut it, then let me write you a new one. 

How it Works

1. Email your current blurb to michelle@michelleemerson.co.uk. If I need any more details I’ll be in touch. 

2. I’ll sprinkle some WOW into your blurb and send you the bright, sparkly new version (up to 250 words) within 48 hours.

3. You read it through and come back to me with any changes. 

4. And I’ll write your final version, ready to upload to your publishing platform/on the back of your book cover. 

Sound like a good idea? Click below, buy your £29 offer and in just 48 hours you’ll have a brand new blurb.