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Still putting off writing a book for your business?

Because you don’t know where to start? Or how to organise your ideas? Or what you need to include? Or how long it should be?



Don’t panic! My 30 Days to Write Your Biz Book Programme can help!




If you’re wondering why business owners just like you write a book in the first place, it’s because a book gives you: 

  • kudos and influence – sharing your book link with a potential VIP client speaks volumes, doesn’t it?

  • a competitive edge – building on your ‘expert’ status helps you stand out in a busy, noisy marketplace and gets more eyes pointing your way; who knows where that could lead

  • another income stream – book royalty payments for a one-off creation; who wouldn’t want that?




If you’re wondering why this programme will boost your chances of finishing your book, it’s because: 

  • there’s a foolproof blueprint to follow (and special extras) which means the book will pretty much write itself

  • it’s easy-to-digest – I don’t know about you but bite-sized chunks definitely do it for me (no overwhelm/procrastination)

  • you aren’t winging your way through the book-writing process – you’ll know precisely what you’re doing and how to do it from one day to the next






Here’s how this works: 

  • each day you’ll receive a bite-sized task to navigate you from idea overload > clarity > written first draft AND darn well done!

  • and you’ll spend 30-60 minutes (sometimes less sometimes more) doing the task

  • day by day you’ll build momentum until you’ve got a fantastic framework for your book 




What’s the investment to help me finish writing my book? 

£67! Yes, I know it’s crazy but right now it’s just £67. 




Wondering what my clients think about the programme? 

“In January I ran a course written by the lovely Michelle Emerson with just over 90 people on. Write Your Dog Biz Book in 30 Days is a fantastic course. Five books are already on sale on Amazon, there are many more in the pipeline and I can heartily recommend Michelle. If you have an idea definitely run with it.”  Sally Smith, Canine Principles Ltd

“If you want to write a book or learn about self-publishing, talk to Michelle. She can help you with the entire process from scoping out ideas, writing and editing, to publishing and marketing. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and really knows her stuff. She is down-to-earth, extremely lovely to deal with and makes the whole writing and publishing process as easy and painless as possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” Claire Mitchell, Author & Founder of The 10K Club,




I know you can do this!  Question is … are you ready to commit and get this book written?

Click below to find out more about this procrastination-proof programme that’s going to boost your business in so many ways. 




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