Fancy starting your own publishing business

with low content books and PLR?

Fancy earning money while you sleep? And running your own author business?

I’d highly recommend starting with creating and publishing low content books. Obviously, you’ll need to do some research first into what’s selling well right now, which niches are the most profitable and tailor your books/ebooks accordingly.



PLR is basically ready-made content that you can turn into your personally branded books, downloadables, lead magnets, ebooks etc and sell. Low content books are things like journals, notebooks, planners etc that you don’t have to spend a great deal of time writing. 


The secret to getting established is to grab yourself some ready-made templates and book interiors.


Not only does this help you get your books created and published really quickly (you can literally get books on Amazon in a few hours when you use the ready-made book interiors and PLR content) but it also gives you the chance to see what works, how you could create your own versions and test your audience.


I’m going to be regularly sharing some of my affiliate links here, so you can have a wander around and see what’s available. (Choose your sources wisely though, and always check out the license when you purchase anything – you need to be able to add your own branding and sell on as your own product.)


Throughout September, I’m sharing Fran’s fabulous templates (they’re so budget-friendly, too).


Happy Journals PLR Club


Find out more at the Happy Journals website. Click on the images below to see Fran’s PLR and low content goodies: business, mood, home and lifestyle templates and interiors. They are fabulous!

Ruthie Bowles from Ritchie Media is also one of my favourite go-to creators. Take a look at her fabulous, easy-to-use book interiors here. (Check out her gorgeous colouring pages, creativity planners and mandalas.)

Free stuff! Plus images, planners and journals! From Thrive Anywhere. Find out what’s currently on offer here.