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beckie coupe

Social media has the power to turn your business dream into a reality. It enables us to get our message out into the world and connect with the people we are here to help and support.

But it can also be a minefield. New social media platforms, new features and new social media gurus pop up every single day. Some platforms make our heart sing, get our ideal clients talking, and work like a dream. Others just seem too complicated to bother with.

So where do you even start with social media? Right here! This social media handbook is written for soulful entrepreneurs and business owners who want to build an incredibly successful business infused with integrity and overflowing with passion.

It’s a step-by-step, easy to follow and simple to implement guide (written by a Social Media Manager with a decade of hands-on experience) where you’ll learn how to:

  • Create your own soulful social media strategy,(without the icky sales hustle that makes you squirm).
  • Discover the importance of looking after your ideal clients.
  • Create content that sparks conversations and turns your fans into paying customers.
  • Stay sane on social media.
  • Monitor, develop and grow your social media presence (without having to sell your soul).

keely potts

If you’re slightly sceptical about life after death and would love to read about some real proof…or you’re just a teensy bit nosey and love reading about other people’s lives…or you’re a clairvoyant, or dabbling in mediumship and you’d love to find out how spirit have guided me to where I am today…

You will LOVE this book.
It’s packed with plenty of stories about spirit, including:
• the early arrival of Greg – my trusted spirit guide who has been by my side ever since (well, apart from a little gap after he had a run-in with my dad)
• visitations from famous names who have passed over (including one of the most iconic names in pop music)
• hush-hush celebrity readings (where I don’t get to find out who I’m reading for until I walk through their hotel room door)
• everyday spirit encounters while I’m out shopping or on holiday (and spirit force me to pass on their messages whether I like it or not)
• and some solid evidence that spirit messages and predictions really can come true.

AND you’ll discover more about my life in Bishop Auckland, Co Durham – including my primary school years and the fun I had with Greg, my not-so-fun private education at a local convent school, life with my childhood sweetheart, the chronic illnesses I thought were going to finish me off, and the tragic loss of my three babies.

Be warned – I hold nothing back!


clare cogan

Written from the heart, this is Clare’s personal story of how she built the thriving therapy business she continues to enjoy 11 years on.

It’s an inspirational story of many parts – just as it should be. Because when you work for yourself, your personal life and business become intertwined. The boundaries become blurred, and if you don’t embrace an holistic approach, you will seriously struggle to find your own version of success.

Clare’s interpretation of success is simple – she runs a thriving therapy business that she’s super passionate about, and which fits in comfortably around her family.

But it’s taken time to reach this point, and along with the dizzy highs of her successes, she’s also had to work through some debilitating lows. She’s invested heaps of money in coaches, branding, marketing and personal development, and as a result, has discovered the practicalities of setting up and maintaining a therapy business.

Like many therapists and business owners, Clare also used to work around the clock to juggle her family commitments (and spend quality time with her boys), alongside her part-time career as a social worker, and her reflexology clients. She’s also endured the loss of a close friend, and her grief experience was so profound that she almost felt like giving up on her business.

Thankfully, she didn’t.

And the fire for her business still burns strong in her belly.

How has she done this?

Simple – she’s been Clare – mum, therapist, and dream-believer. And that’s her secret to success.


michelle emerson

Creative juices dried up?  Need some cracking content to share with your social media followers? Looking for brilliant blog ideas to get those Goggle spiders scurrying over to your website?

Then look no further.

As a busy entrepreneur your time is precious… your creative juices are allowed to dry up occasionally… but your social media fans and your blog followers cannot be ignored.

That’s why I’ve created this fab little book of ready-made prompts. It’s perfect for you if you’re running a business (and hiking your way through a huge to-do list) and all you want is a little something to make your online content easier to write.

It’s designed for anyone and everyone who runs a business or a social media page and fancies a bit of a freshen up – regardless of whether you’re a content creating novice or a guru.

It’s going to help you fall back in love with your biz again… and writing your online content… and the whole marketing thing.

And I know that once you start working through the 90+ prompts, you’ll spark heaps more ideas too.

Not only will you discover WHAT to write about, and WHO you’re writing for, you’ll also learn how to wave a magic content wand over these initial 90+ ideas and discover how to repurpose, transform and recycle them into all kinds of other fabulous content too.

I’d even go so far as to say you could squeeze a whole year’s worth of content out of this handy little book.

So if you want to hit the ground running, get your online content planned, written and scheduled for a fabulous 2018 start, then grab this book and get cracking.


claude annik rapport

Lost your passport?

Can’t get home?

Working in a foreign country?

Need to renew your ID?

Had your holiday money stolen?

Contact your Honorary Consul.

Waving Le Tricolore in the land of Wales is a collection of refreshing anecdotes – from the funny and the sad, to the strange and the unexpected, which throw light on the diverse kinds of situation Claude Annik Rapport had to deal with during her 16 years as an Honorary Consul for France living in Cardiff.

She shares her personal stories and memories with a rare mix of light-hearted humour, fun and pathos and offers a fascinating glimpse into a world that is rarely encountered . . . unless, of course, you find yourself in a spot of bother while abroad.


paul knight
& mark benn

~What if everything you think you know about dieting, happiness and life was way past its sell-by date?

~What if you could forget about all these complicated and confusing diets and learn anew with simple and effective habits and behaviours that you can start right now, today, this very moment, and easily fit it into your current daily way of life?


It’s not packed with 7-day diet secrets or the latest crazy fad.

Instead, Diet Success utilises elements from NLP and behavioural change, fitness coaching, weight loss and mindfulness. It is packed with easy-to-implement practical advice for real people with busy lives.

It comes with 5x bonus resources to help you stay on track. It’s bursting with a wealth of insider tips and professional support from 2 successful experts in the health, fitness and wellbeing industry (with 50 years’ joint experience) who have helped 1000s of people worldwide to step away from the industry standards of weight loss and find their own real diet success.

You see, Diet Success – the long-lasting kind – starts in your mind.

  • It’s your mind that pours that extra glass of wine.
  • It’s your mind that reaches for a bag of crisps.
  • It’s your mind that puts the unhealthy stuff in your trolley.
  • It’s your mind that tells you to give up on your diet because you’re tired of denying yourself all the nice things.


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