There’s so much to learn when you’re becoming an author, isn’t there?

That’s why I’ve created a number of easy-to-follow beginners’ courses and ebooks to help you write, self-publish and sell your book. Having worked with authors for many years now, I know it’s daunting when you’re trying to learn these skills from scratch, especially if you’re not great with the techy stuff. So I’ve created these courses for authors with you in mind … they’re not in the least bit techy or complicated – my intention is to fill you with confidence and understanding, not bamboozle you! 




Thinking of writing a book for your business?



Check out my 30 Days to Write Your Biz Book programme.

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Want to Self-Publish on Amazon? 



Check out my Self-publish on Amazon Bundle? For just £29 you’ll get the following mini courses and planner: 

  • Confidently Upload Your Kindle Book to Amazon

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  • Create Your Paperback the Easiest Way Possible

  • My Big & Beautiful Biz Book Planner

  • Set Up Your Amazon Account & Let’s Get Published!




£9.99 standalone mini-courses & ebooks: