Or are your blogs boring you to tears?

Making you look like a blogging amateur?

Lacking in SEO?

And blending in with the vanilla/beige bandwagon?

Then let’s make your blogs brilliant instead!


Writing brilliant blogs isn’t always easy… the ideas don’t always flow… you fall into the vanilla/beige trap of throwing something out there just for the sake of it… and you regularly have other pressing priorities (like client work and making money).

What the heck can you blog about that hasn’t already been blogged to death, anyway?

And how can you continuously come in from a fresh angle, and capture your readers’ attention, and be irresistible to those Google spiders?


Simple – you just need an extra pair of eyes, and another creative brain!


Simple – you just need an extra pair of eyes, and another creative brain!

No more scratching your head for brilliant blog ideas!

Here’s how we can work together to get your blogs back on track again…


We’ll have a monthly, 30 minute brainstorm to decide on your topics and/or content themes, and come up with some blog titles.

I’ll research the appropriate keywords, add a sprinkling of SEO, and work my magic on the first draft.

You’ll then do a little tweaking and sign off the blog.

And then we’ll rinse and repeat for the rest of the blogs that month.


And that means you can say GOODBYE to those work-filled weekends and, HELLO to a realistic schedule… a library full of brilliant blogs… new sparkles of interest and energy rippling through your brand… more of the right kind of followers and likers… and oodles of time to focus on making money.



Monthly blog package (3 month commitment required): 2 blogs = £100 or 4 blogs = £160

Want to stock up your blog library instead? 12x blogs = £360



Brilliant Blogs to Boost Your Biz