If you want to take your business to the next level, you have to write a book.


As a business owner, I bet you’ve read hundreds of self-help, business-boosting, non-fiction books, right?

It’s part of the entrepreneurial journey really. We all need to keep learning so we can grow and nurture our businesses, and books are a quick, easy and flexible resource to call on.

Whenever I come across topics I know little about and can’t get away with fudging my way through anymore (like the minefield that is Facebook ads) my first step is to look for a book on Amazon.

I’m sure many people do the same. Do you?

Books can be bought instantly, so if you’re impatient (like me) and have to buy that book you keep coming across or the one your friends keep telling you about, it’s a quick click over to Amazon to grab the Kindle version. And you can start reading and implementing immediately.

You can work through books at your own pace. Want to create and build your own WordPress website? You’ll find a book on Amazon that teaches how to switch from Zero to Hero Web Designer in 30 days. This is great if you get overwhelmed at the enormity of a project but can glide through daily tasks.

Books don’t break the bank. I have found the odd one selling for a few hundred quid before (it was a copywriting book), but generally speaking, you can buy a decent business book for less than £10 or £20 which teaches exactly what you’re looking for to move forward as a business owner.

So now we’ve established that books are a pretty fab solution to your business-related challenges, let’s talk about why you should make good use of all your hard-earned knowledge by writing a book to help, serve, motivate and inspire your past, present and future clients/readers.


Here are 6 brilliant benefits of becoming an author.

  • A business book gives you a competitive edge.
  • As an author, you’ll get more eyes on your brand.
  • A business book gives potential clients the chance to try before they buy/commit to working with you.
  • Your royalties will provide an additional income stream to your biz and make money for you while you sleep.
  • You’ll secure a reputation for being an expert.
  • You’ll receive more word of mouth recommendations.


And all these extras mean more clients will want to work with you and you’ll be able to put your prices up too. 




Let’s look at these 6 super benefits in more detail, shall we?


1. A business book gives you a competitive edge

If someone has been looking for coaching and they’ve whittled their choice down to you and another coach, I’d say they’d choose you every time if they can see your book on your website. Wouldn’t you?


2. As an author, you’ll get more eyes on your brand

Seeing your book on Amazon can start a whole ripple effect of having more eyes on your brand. Potential readers/buyers might see your name, click on the FOLLOW button on your Amazon Author Central page and do a Google search. This can increase your social media followers, email subscribers and your website traffic. So why wouldn’t you want to have a book on the Amazon store?

3. A business book gives potential clients the chance to try before they buy and commit to working with you

I’ve done this plenty of times. Perhaps you have too. A book gives someone the chance to build up a picture of you, your knowledge, and your personality. And if they benefit from the content of your book, chances are, they’re going to take that next step and reach out. That may begin with following you on social media, signing up to your blog RSS feed or grabbing your latest freebie but without a doubt, your book is definitely a springboard for the know, like and trust building blocks of your relationship.


4. Your royalties will provide an additional income stream to your biz and make money while you sleep

The email from KDP at the end of each month which announces my royalties are about to be paid always makes me smile. You may not become a millionaire from your royalties (you never know, though) but a steady trickle each month is enough to put a smile on anyone’s face. The trick is to keep creating, writing and publishing once you get your first biz book out of your system. Then sit back, smile at your laptop at the end of each month and decide what you’re going to do with your royalties.


5. You’ll get an epic reputation for being an expert 

When someone is looking for help with say, starting up their therapy business, and you’ve written a book which journals your journey from start-up to six figures or similar, you’re going to be seen as an expert. Well-written business books give you oodles of kudos.


6. You’ll get more word of mouth recommendations

Anyone who has read your book and resonated with you, as a result, won’t hold back when it comes to talking about it. Telling friends, family and colleagues about you, your book, your services will come naturally because you’ll have made a powerful impression.


Time to write your biz book then?

Then start gently by grabbing a copy of my FREE Big & Beautiful Biz Book Planner HERE!

Or seize the moment and dive right in now with my 30 Days to Write Your Biz Book programme. 

Good luck!


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