The Social Media Struggle is REAL for Authors


lightbulb idea


You know you need to promote your books if you want to sell any.

You know (ish) your way around social media.

Your author page is set up on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram.


But now you’re stuck!


You know (and I know) it’s not you. You’re full of idea, you can write. I mean, you’re an author, for goodness sake.


So what’s the problem?


It’s actually POSTFRIGHT (same as stagefright but slightly different).

And the more you overthink the whole thing, the less you bother with your posts. And that one no-show-day turns into a few days and then a week and then a month.

So by the time you do post, your followers can’t remember who you are … or the pesky algorithms have got all moody and stopped sharing your content with your most loyal followers.

It’s exhausting, isn’t it?

Not anymore.




Bright Ideas: The Social Media Ideas Content Club for Authors


This budget-boosting monthly ideas club for fiction and non-fiction authors will help you to be creative and consistent on your social media pages. Which in turn will help you to:

  • engage your followers
  • attract new ones
  • turn them into readers
  • sell your next books
  • build relationships
  • get people to subscribe to your newsletter
  • boost your online presence


I know why you’re struggling.


Sometimes the ideas don’t flow – so you post nothing.

Sometimes you post any old random thing to tick off the ‘post on social media’ box on your to-do list – and you end up deleting it later.

Sometimes you need a confidence boost – because you don’t know if you’re on the right track when it comes to the type of content to post.


Is this how you feel about creating social media posts?


Then give the Bright Ideas Club a try.


For £10 a month (you can cancel whenever you like) you’ll receive:

  • 30/31 days of content ideas for you to run with or tweak or cut and paste straight onto your social media pages (sent in Word for ease)
  • A welcome pack which explains what you get for your money
  • A safe place/private Facebook group membership for the duration of your subscription


Ready to kickstart your social media page and get more eyes on your book?


<<<Sign up here if your author social media page needs some extra oomph <<< 



Happy creating!



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