My trusted recommendations for books, business services, and Affiliate partners.

If I’ve used them, and like them, I don’t want to keep them a secret! They could help you too!


recommended books

Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2018 – this is a book I’ve been buying since 2003 (I still have this version #hoarder). Every year it’s updated with new articles, insights and advice for writers and artists throughout the world who are serious about publishing their work. This is an affiliate code link for website.

How to Write & Sell Short Stories by Della Galton – I first discovered Della when I was trying to write short stories as part of my Creative Writing Diploma with the OU. Anyone who has tried to write short stories will appreciate how tricky it can be, which is why Della’s book is so helpful. It sparked my love of fiction writing (which sadly I don’t have time for but who knows what the future holds…) and I’m sure if you’re serious about writing short stories and selling them to magazines, you won’t ever want to be without a copy of this book.

Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2018 – breaking into the children’s writing market can be tricky and that’s why this book is such a valuable resource for writers, artists and illustrators. Again, it’s updated yearly and well worth the price.

New Hart’s Rules – The Oxford Style Guide
A must-have for all writers, proofreaders and copy-editors who are preparing content to publish. 

Copy-editing & Proofreading for Dummies
Another necessity for your desk if you’re serious about writing and/or you want to take the pressure off your editor before you send them your first draft.

How to Make a Living From Your Writing by Joanna Penn – Joanna’s no-nonsense approach to making a real living from writing is a godsend to writers everywhere. Through her guidance and advice and first-hand experience, you’ll discover how to quit the 9-5 job that pays the bills and write for a living.


PAUL KNIGHT: Paul Knight Coaching

As you know, I will only ever share affiliate information from clients, friends, colleagues and resources I have full faith in.

And Paul is at the top of the list!  

Back in 2015, Paul asked if I could help to self-publish his first book, Lose Weight From the Top Down followed quickly by his second book, Diet Success. 

We have since written two books together: The Write Way to Be Happy Journal and 91 Affirmations: Lucky Dip Your Way to a Happier, Healthier You.

Paul is extensively experienced in the health, fitness and lifestyle industry, and has some fantastic resources. 

You can have a mooch around Paul’s online store here:

He has everything you need to improve your health, fitness and wellbeing, namely:

  • an online monthly ‘5 Life’ club with a companion journal
  • e-books
  • meditations
  • 5-minute workout plans (my kind of workout to get me away from the desk at regular intervals during the day!)
  • weight loss bundles
  • an ultimate walking guide

If you’re looking for gift ideas and/or need to give hubby/partner a hint, then look no further. The biggest investment we can all make is to take of our own health, fitness and wellbeing; that way everyone else we spend time with reaps the rewards too.

claire mitchell

As you know, I will only ever share affiliate information from clients, friends, colleagues and resources I have full faith in.

And Claire, founder of The Girls Mean Business, well deserves her place on my Trusted Partners’ podium!

I’ve worked through heaps of Claire’s brilliant business programmes, and followed her throughout my 6-year freelance career.

Everything I learned in those early days and beyond (from business practicalities to tackling confidence and mindset challenges) is thanks to Claire.

I’d like to share with you Claire’s Awesome Marketing Planner System. 

2019 Awesome Marketing Planner

Claire’s 2019 planner (that’s so much more than a planner!) is also available to buy right now too. It’s fab if you’re serious about growing your biz, tracking your sales, setting and nailing targets, and being a ‘real’ business owner instead of faffing about.  And the training portal that comes with the planner is again, worth its weight in gold. You get:

  • a colourful, gorgeous planner that inspires you to get organised
  • 12 months of training (new content each month)
  • an A2 wall planner (to keep your productivity top of mind every time you walk into your office)
  • a free Facebook group where you can network with other plannerinas
  • regular bum-kicking emails to keep you laser focused on your business (instead of wasting time on social media watching cute pet videos)

Make 2019 the year you stopped faffing and started being a successful business owner. Grab any of Claire’s offerings and you won’t be disappointed.

Click here to take a look!

trace swindale

I will only share Trusted Partner information from clients, friends, colleagues and resources I have full faith in.

And Trace from Super Divine Web Design in Darlington is a friend, colleague and fellow cake-devourer who keeps my website safe, looking gorgeous, and updated.

She helps me with everything from adding new content, freebies and pages, to sorting out my Divi tantrums and WordPress updates (that I forget to do!) and wrapping everything up in my branding colours so it all looks fabulous.

Trace creates ‘gorgeous, contemporary Divi WordPress websites devoted to sparky female entrepreneurs who want to build their dream business’.

So if this sounds like you… get in touch with Trace.

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