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When you’ve made the decision to publish your book, but

~ you’re not  sure it’s as professional and error-free as you’d like it to be …


~ you think there may be inconsistencies (did you change a character name halfway through and worry the old name will appear somewhere?) …


~ you’re worrying there’s a gaping plot hole but because you know the book inside out you can’t say for certain …


~ you’re wary of overusing phrases or surplus words that could easily be altered or removed to tighten up the flow, atmosphere, style and narrative?



Let me help you. 

Need a simple proofread (prices start at £10 per 1,000 words)?

Or an indepth copy-edit (prices start at £12 per 1,000 words)?

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If you’d like to try before you buy, send 1,000 words of your manuscript to me, and I’ll proofread it free of charge. 


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A professionally proofread and edited book has way more chance of being a success.