Proofreading Services for Authors

Need a safe pair of hands to proofread your book before taking that next step towards publication?

Good idea. You're clearly serious about self-publishing or submitting your book to a traditional publisher or literary agent. And you value the importance of first impressions as an author.

My proofreading services for authors include checking, highlighting, querying and correcting:

    • syntax (sentence structure) and grammar 
    • punctuation errors 
    • inconsistencies with spellings, plot, characters and settings
    • overuse of phrases/words
    • dialogue and narrative

You can also expect suggestions to help:


    • improve reading flow
    • make your book as reader-friendly as possible 
    • ensure clarity for your reader

And don’t worry, I won’t lose your voice or style. This is your book. My intention is just to tidy up mistakes, improve flow and make it a great reading experience for your audience.

Rates are based on project/word count and quality of the first draft. As a ballpark figure, prices start at £12 p/1000 words (proofreading) and £15 p/1000 words (copy-editing). Precise quotes are available on request.

If you’d like a free 1k-word proofreading/editing sample, just message me.

I make all changes using ‘Tracked Changes’ in Word so you can see every edit. If your book has already been edited and typeset, then I will work using ‘comments’ in the PDF.

What do my clients say?

“Michelle has been a godsend. I’ve used her services for several of my books now, and I’ve been impressed by her clear comments, the quality of her editing, and how quickly she gets the corrected manuscripts back to me. It has been a pleasure to work with her, and she has been exceptional in picking up all those annoying little mistakes that I would hate to see appear in print. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs some top-class editing or proofing. Thank you, Michelle!”

S. F. Bennett, Author

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