I love, love, love blogging and it’s a big part of my business, which is why I’m on a mission to get my blogs seen in as many nooks and crannies of the globe as possible.


Not least because it’s another excuse for me to write.

But also because it means I can set all those bubbly ideas free that pop around in my head all day.

And mainly because there are barrow-fulls of big and beautiful benefits to guest blogging.

Here are some of the biggies…


#1  guest blogging cultivates your authority 

the more places you’re spotted showing off your expertise, the better it is for your credibility.  If someone poses a question in Google, for example, and your blog comes up in response, you will be immediately transported to ‘Crikey she knows her stuff, doesn’t she?  I’d better keep an eye on her.’ And then they fall in love with you.


#2 those hairy-legged Google spiders will find you irresistible

They won’t have time to nibble on their millipedes and termites because your name will keep cropping up, and they’ll have to scuttle around to find out why everyone’s talking about you.  This, in turn, will boost your Google page rankings. Yay!


#3  business guest blogging helps you reach out to more of your favourite kinda people

Not all of your crowd will hang out on social media, but they will follow other bloggers or industry experts or be part of key influencers’ subs list, and by guest blogging for said specialists, you can get in front of their crowd too.  Double impact.


#4 Guest blogging drives more traffic to your website 

and who doesn’t want fresh, new eyes on your content? When you guest blog, you share it with your crowd, your social media followers, and your list.  The lovely expert who has published your guest blog will also share it with their faves too.  That’s a lot of traffic that could potentially lead to new peeps signing up to join your crew.


#5 Guest blogging will hone your writing skills 

And this is fabulous in itself, but it also has long-term benefits: you’ll be able to write a blog quicker and easier, the more you write.  You’ll know precisely how many words your paragraphs will need and how to scope out your blog without the faff.  And by honing your craft, who knows what kind of content you’ll be creating and sharing in a few months’ time?  Watch this space, lovely…


If you’re thinking of guest blogging, let me just share a few final thoughts…

  • read the submission requirements for guest blogs, they’re all different
  • adhere to their word count
  • only write content that fits in with their yays and nays, otherwise you’ll get ignored
  • be professional at all times
  • once you’ve guest blogged for someone, add their logo to your website


If you’re interested in guest blogging for me, then pop over a message and we’ll talk.

Similarly, if you’d like me to guest blog for you (I can talk about blogging, kindle publishing, editing and proofreading, creating content, writer’s block, staying motivated, working from home and probably just about anything to be honest) I’d love to!

Well, what are you waiting for… go research your next guest blogging opportunity.

Michelle x


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