Poet, Mario Panayi, contacted me in September to ask if I could help bring his poetry book, Birth, Life, Burial to life.

I do love a bit of poetry as it reminds me of my OU Creative Writing days where we studied a module on this genre and it opened up a whole new world for me.  So obviously, I jumped at the chance to help Mario.


After the first round of proofreading, Mario asked if I’d be happy to bring his second poetry collection to life too, Myths and Make-Believe, Naturally I was hooked by then so of course I agreed to help and we launched both books simultaneously.



It wasn’t until I received Mario’s lovely testimonial below that I realised he’d been searching for the right person to help him for a while. Take a look at his story which he’s expertly woven into my recommendation.


“I had written a number of books over the last few years but had very little idea on getting those books published and was a little afraid of the technology involved in self-publishing. I looked at various sources which provided a service into self-publishing including online companies and advertisements in writing magazines. When I looked further in regards to reviews on the organisations which looked reputable I was horrified by some of the reviews and testimonials. Writers who had been conned out of money with their work not being published, work not being edited, no one responding to telephone calls or e-mails, head offices not existing etc. That made me suspicious and sceptical and delayed my writing ambition.

I eventually plucked up the courage and contacted an organisation which I felt was reputable, despite a few unfavourable reviews. They never responded to e-mails and so nothing was achieved. I then started to do some more research, I looked through the advertisements and looked up reviews online and gathered more information on what services they provided. Then I found Michelle and decided that she seemed to offer a more holistic package from start to finish, including proofreading, typesetting, setting up an author page on amazon, cover design for e-book and paperback, creation of an amazon KDP account, research into keywords search, writing a description for the book, uploading the book, and notifying the launch of the book on her social media platforms. Michelle offers a variety of other packages, but the ‘whole shebang self-publishing package’ is what appealed to me.

Michelle Emerson and the self-publishing package that she offered proved to be exactly what I was after. She delivered on everything she advertises, unlike many other companies and individuals. Her work is to the highest standard, always professional, polite, offering excellent advice and opinions. She replies to e-mails and texts quickly and efficiently, and delivers a bespoke book into the publishing world. Your book dreams becomes a reality with Michelle. 

I have had two books self-published due to the hard work of Michelle. The two books are ‘Birth, Life, Burial: A Poetry Collection’ and ‘Myths and Make-Believe: A Poetry Collection’. I am now working on my next two books (‘Do you recognise yourself?’ and ‘Stag Story’) and will be returning to Michelle concerning those two books.

In summary, Michelle does not only bring your book to be published and available for purchase, but her editing skills, advice and suggestions makes your book a tighter and more appealing book.”

If, like Mario, you’ve been searching for someone to help you bridge the gap between writer and self-published author, then take a look at the whole range of packages I have on offer.  If you’re interested in my Whole Shebang package – take a look here… it’s a busy market place out there and can be daunting for any author, but hopefully you’ll see thanks to Mario’s kind words that I do exactly what I say I’ll do, and won’t leave you unpublished, frustrated and take your life savings in the process. 


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