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M E Awan

Pirate Princess Rose is the Hero of Her Own Eye Treatment


Princess Pirate Rose


Congratulations! Your book’s available to buy on the Amazon bookstore. How did you both feel to see it there for the first time?

ELATED! I can’t believe that finally, after nearly 10 years, the first book written to support the child during her own eye treatment, and succeed in it, is available to be read to the world.



Can you tell us about your book and why you wanted to write it?

I’m a clinical professional of nearing 25 years. I’ve undertaken research and have varied roles in my career more recently as an entrepreneur but always had a creative streak. I wanted to write this book to connect and engage the child with her treatment to make her feel like she is the ‘hero’ and succeed in treating and restoring vision before it’s too late.



Have you always been a writer / wanted to become an author?

No, the idea came when I became a mother myself and it opened another part of connecting to a little human and get her involved was just a memorable experience.




What made you take that leap and publish your book?

I was looking after my mother during her first diagnosis. I wanted to try and direct my energy to being more creative and read the many manuscripts to my mother. Watching my mother’s reaction simply brought a smile and happiness during her treatment. She always had faith in the book.



Have you any more in the pipeline?

Oh, definitely.


What advice would you offer other aspiring authors who are thinking of self-publishing? 

Keep believing in your work. It’s never too late unless you decide to make it late.


All the best with your book. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!



You can buy a copy of Pirate Princess Rose here:




Pirate Princess Rose is the hero of her own eye treatment is an illustrated, fun and educational book which explains the eye-patching process in a child-friendly way.

Created to support the adult/parent/carer/school/nursery, the child, their siblings and their peers following a lazy eye diagnosis (amblyopia), this positive and upbeat story will encourage little ones to wear their eye patches during treatment.

“This is an excellent booklet to encourage children with amblyopia to wear eye patches. Illustrations are great too. Congratulations, Princess Flicker Glitter! I would like you to do another one with Filipo as the main character.”
S Thomas, Consultant Paediatric Ophthalmologist, Nottingham, UK

Written by a Nottingham-based practising orthoptist, Dr Awan understands how tricky it can be to get into an eye-patch-wearing routine with pre-schoolers and youngsters, which is why she wrote this engaging and beautifully illustrated book. Capturing imaginations, and making the eye treatment less scary and more fun, normalises the process.

And which little girl or boy wouldn’t want to become the hero of their own eye treatment?

“Finally a book that mentions all the great work orthoptists do to treat childhood eye problems!”
R Islam, Orthoptist, Doncaster, UK

If your child has been diagnosed with amblyopia or a lazy eye, then this book will turn their fear into fun and help them realise they aren’t alone.


“Good story and illustrations are really good.” H Brooks, Parent, Nottingham, UK




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