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Whether you’ve started to write your book THEN stopped … or it’s been on your to-do list for a while (I’m being kind here) … or your ideas are waking you up at 3am, I can help!

Clarity … motivation … accountability … support … inspiration … daily, drip-fed do-able tasks that you’ll be itching to do instead of trying to swerve! That’s what this programme’s about!




Everything you’re planning, dreaming and working towards in your business finds you much easier and quicker when you’ve got a book.


  • New enquiries.

  • New clients. 

  • Big influencers noticing you. 

  • More enquiries > more clients > more attention > more money > more kudos > more opportunities.








Adding a book to your brand can make your business E.X.P.L.O.D.E.


My client wrote and published her book in 2018 just before she was booked to speak at a national conference where all her ideal readers/clients sat in the audience. 


  • She sold out of all her signed copies. 

  • She received hundreds of support messages from wellwishers and readers telling them how her book’s helped to grow their businesses.

  • She now works with a soulmate client who discovered her through her book (story goes: “I read your book and I thought, I love this girl, I have to work with her”).

  • She increased her subscriber/newsletter list significantly.

  • She attracted brand new clients. 

  • She ranked #1 best-seller in the small business category on Amazon. 

  • She has spread her powerful message around the world and swears she couldn’t have done it without her book (or so quickly).

And the best thing? Her book isn’t a complex tome. It’s a book of tips, advice and practical support to help her readers get more leads in their start-up business. 








This programme will double your chances of finishing your book.


  • Because it has a simple blueprint to follow which means once you’ve prepped your content ideas, it will pretty much write itself.

  • Because it shows you how to progress in daily baby steps so you never feel overwhelmed.

  • Because it teaches you how to pick your BEST BOOK IDEA and run with it.

  • Because it empowers you to show up and take action – even if you doubt your writing skills, 

 And because it’s going to get you energised, organised, excited and help you find your flow from the start.







This is what it looks like to finish your first draft (me last week after finishing my 5th book –

10 Simple Steps to Self-Publishing). Smug can look good on you too! 🙂




biz book




 Here’s how this works:  


  • Each day you’ll receive an easy, bite-sized task to navigate you from idea overload > clarity > first draft AND darn well done!  

  • You have a place in the exclusive, private Facebook group where I’m always on hand to answer your questions. 

  • You’ll also receive GOLD STAR rewards (extra resources and ebooks) the further along the programme you make it. 


And best of all in 30 days’ time, you’ll be first-draft ready … unstuck … and raring to share it with the world. 










What’s the investment to help me finish writing my book?  

£297 – payable in 3x instalments available of £99




Wondering if I’m a woman of substance? Check out my testimonials – they’ll fill you in.


“As a first-time writer, I can’t praise Michelle enough for her help and encouragement throughout the production of my book. It’s not often these days that you find someone who delivers when they say they will. I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle to any new potential clients.” Adventures With My Sea Pass Card: The Unofficial Guide to Cruising With RoyalCaribbean, Neil Jones


“If you want to write a book or learn about self-publishing, talk to Michelle. She can help you with the entire process from scoping out ideas, writing and editing, to publishing and marketing. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and really knows her stuff. She is down-to-earth, extremely lovely to deal with and makes the whole writing and publishing process as easy and painless as possible. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.” Claire Mitchell, Author & Founder of The Girls Mean Business


“I have been carrying this book in my heart for the last 15 years. It seemed like crossing Siberia on a bike – almost an improbable journey to make. The moment I contacted you, you took over control as a superpower. You were the positive driving force giving me the inspiration to fulfil my aspiration. I very much appreciate the timely guidance and thought-provoking prompts inciting my excitement in transforming my sur-real dream into subtle reality.  I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude for the excellent professional guidance in my venture. I can safely and soundly recommend you to other prospective writers.“  East to West, Dr Thomas Abraham





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